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Private Coaching

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Spark private coaching sessions are focused on finding and cultivating the individual artistry of each and every student. We offer private lessons in voice, piano, acting, and guitar. Lessons are available in-person (in select areas in Los Angeles and Ventura counties) and virtually via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.      
Our private coaching philosophy applies across all disciplines: to nurture each student’s creative spark through supportive skill-building and training. All voice lessons are firmly rooted in healthy vocal development, utilizing principles of speech level singing and traditional legit training. We specialize in musical theatre (both legit and contemporary) and contemporary genres (rock, pop, folk, etc). Our piano and guitar training incorporates both classical and contemporary styles and is tailor-fit to the student.

We teach students of all levels, from beginners as young as five to working professionals looking to refine or take their sound in a new direction.

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